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Hills and Valleys


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens?

Meets typically run activities in groups based on personal preferences, qualifications and experience to get as many people out to climb, trek or fell run. Evenings are typically reserved for socialising in or around the local area.

Do I need experience or JSAT qualifications?

RAFMA meets are for everyone, regardless or experience! Every effort is made to cater for individual preference, however, some technical activities such as lead climbing may be dependant on JSAT qualifications or logbook experience.

What should I bring?

Most meets will be in camping-barn style accommodation. You should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, etc. as well as suitable equipment for your activity. 
If this is an issue, contact the organiser who may be able to help you out!

How much does it cost?

RAFMA Meet information can be found in the registration details, but typically attract a Meet fee of £12.50 per person per day is charge to all meet attendees; £0.50 of this fee is a contribution towards the Expedition Fund.

Can I come on my own, or bring a friend?

Any RAFMA with an active membership can attend a meet! If your friend is eligible for membership then they must be signed-up and registered prior to attending the meet. Contact us for more information, or signup.

Duty and MT

RAFMA meets are on-duty for serving members, and are eligible for MT. 
Further information can be found in JSP 753 Chs 5 & 6



Out and about this winter season

Whats different?

In 'Winter Conditions' where meet activities are taking place above the snowline, additional measures and equipment are needed for safety and comfort.

What do I need?

To be able to operate in winter, participants will also need to bring, as a minimum; B-rated boots and properly fitting crampons, full waterproofs, warm down-style jacket, hat/gloves, mountaineering helmet and head torch.

What do RAFMA provide?

RAFMA will provide for participants a Transceiver, Shovel and Probe (TSP). There are also a limited number of walking axes available.


If you are unclear or unable to source equipment through your RAF Station, please contact us via the Wix App, the WhatsApp group for the Meet or drop us a line here and we'll be happy to offer assistance!

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