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September 2024

Morocco, High Atlas

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Led by Chris Fawcett, MOROCCAN VENTURE 24 is an RAF-led expedition to Morocco, that is planned to take place within the Toubkal National Park in the High Atlas mountain range, in central-western Morocco.  The expedition aims to bring together individuals with various outdoor experiences, ranging from the absolute novice to the experienced mountaineer.

Consisting of three teams, expedition members will work together to experience stunning landscapes and challenging summits at High and Very High altitudes (3000m to 4000+m), culminating in the summit of Jbel Toubkal is the highest peak of the park at 4,167 metres. Once descended, there will also be an opportunity to experience a night in the Sahara Desert.

By the end of the expedition, members will have experienced acclimatisation, trekking, mountaineering, camping, desert walking and the amazing cultures that Morocco has to offer.


Get to Know Us

(Yes, 'us'! There will be more positions filled when we start to build the team!)

Chris Fawcett

Expedition Leader

Chris is an Engineering Officer in the Communications Electronic field. Having undertaken expeditions to the Nepalese and Indian Himalayas, Alps, Grand Canyon, Sahara and High Atlas Mountains over the course of a 21-year career, for him this will be his third expedition leading teams in Morocco.  A keen mountaineer, he has also been a member of the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Service since 2006.

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