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Sponsors, Partners and Supporters

Making it all possible

All of what we do, from the expeditions, competitions to the regular meets would not be possible without the assistance, representation and support of our Sponsors, Partners and Supporters.

RAFCF Charity Strapline.png

RAF Central Fund

The Royal Air Force (RAF) Central Fund is an independent charity that supports serving RAF personnel through grant funding to enable them to take part in sports and physical activities at all levels. We want everyone in the RAF regardless of their role, rank, physical ability or competing level to have access to sports facilities, equipment, and training and through our support we help to safeguard their health and wellbeing.

RBL Stretch.png

Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion was founded by veterans after the First World War. A century on from the start of that conflict, RBL are still helping today's Service men and women, veterans, and their families in almost every aspect of daily life. They also champion Remembrance, safeguarding the memory of those who have given their lives for our freedom through Remembrance education and events.



Manufacturing premium quality climbing equipment in Wales since 1981.


Helix Operations

The leading provider of tactical climbing equipment, training and systems.


Mountain Equipment

Since Mountain Equipment began in 1961 they have participated in countless ascents of the world’s highest peaks, supported climbers establishing ever more adventurous routes and equipped world record setting trips to the North and South Poles.
Mountain Equipment have been making gear for the most inhospitable places on the planet for over 50 years.

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