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Plas y Brenin invites you to the Expedition Symposium!

Plas y Brenin

14 Sept 2023

You're invited to the Expedition Symposium!

Join Plas y Brenin and be a part of an adventurous, fun and informative weekend here at Plas y Brenin in Capel Curig between Friday 10th and Sunday 12th November. Get ready to learn all about planning epic expeditions around the world through a series of talks, workshops and activities. We are grateful to the Arctic Club, the Mount Everest Fund, the Alpine Club, and the BMC for helping to fund this event.

Calling All Adventurers!

You are invited to Plas y Brenin National Outdoor Centre between Friday 10th and Sunday 12th November!

The Symposium is for anyone looking to plan a big expedition. Workshops include food and fuelling, safety, injury prevention, bushcraft, and more. Evenings will be full of lectures, discussion, and delicious food. You can stay on to continue your exped preparation with Big Wall Climbing or Alpine Preparation Courses commencing the week following the Symposium.

This weekend will equip you with everything you need to embark on your first or next expedition, and allow you to meet fellow adventurers and brands.

What Does the Weekend Involve?

The Expedition Symposium is set to start on the evening of Friday 10th November with an exhilarating start featuring the 2023 Brit Rock Film Tour. Prepare to be captivated by a remarkable showcase of the finest climbing and adventure films that the UK has to offer.

As we move into the weekend, Saturday and Sunday will be filled with diverse interactive workshops led by our esteemed instructors, renowned brands, and distinguished VIP guests. Saturday evening promises an enlightening experience as you listen to the captivating narratives of Mick Fowler and Olly Sanders, who will generously share their wealth of experiences and stories to ignite the spark for your next adventure.

For more information check out this link: You're Invited to the Expedition Symposium! | Plas y Brenin (

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